Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm really into black leather right now. It all started when I resurrected my mothers old, long forgotten motorcycle jacket from her closet. I'll post a photo of that beauty soon. For now swoon over Lakshmi looking smokie Hot in this leather dream.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"You remind me of Daria"

Thailand-Nov. 08
Photos by my favorite photographer Jason Goldwatch

IRON DARIA- by Mario Testino

Daria Daria.. I can't get enough of Daria


Santa baby...

I know christmas is over but can You come back, I have one more thing on my list of unattainable dreams... or at least put in a good word for me with Cupid.

Ibiza bag by Thomas Wylde

I am in love with this bag!!! It totally reminds me of something my mom would have owned, no luck though. but with $2,200 to burn this beauty could be all mine. Dreams. Mere fantasy. Who is this guy, Thomas Wylde ? I don't know... But he's got my chops drooling.

This other Bag he did isn't bad either. Actually it's REALLY BAD.