Thursday, June 14, 2012

miami thug basil

Okay... before the year is over....
Back in December I was lil bummed, Left NY to meet friends and take a two day tour in the sun.

MIAMI ART BASEL 2011 / AKA Get Your Head Checked Tour. Didn't see much art. Just saw things on the internet that smashed my heart into dust. But good friends brought me from the Darkness into the light.

Straight off the plane I went to the Standard Hotel to meet Nicole.I Somehow Ended up at a real miami Hard-core show with Mike Malbon and his very interesting to say the least friends.

The Dope T-shirt factor in this place was on 10

The Bouncers name was Romeo. He was sweet and I told him he looked like he could be cousins with Yams. I was also clearly wasted and Had my Tupac bra on. Which always leads to my being loud and boisterous.BTW my bandana wasn't very understood last year, people just thought I was a weirdo stuck in '99
they were right though

Tell me about it.

OGcutYou aka Kevin Holding it down

Now ladies this is how you eat a Fuckin HOT dog when your at a hard core show...

1. See through lace shirt

2. NO bra

3. Make sure you lick up all that A-1 saucy

Gentleman, different rules apply.

Then it was off to the Strip Club

Which was GOING OFFF I might add. And Venus was DJ'in. Was having too much fun to document. But someone did.
* See Reza's blog from December.

Yeah, I don't know either.

The next morning the German girls I was with were ready to drink again, I couldn't hang.

Came up on These sick BLVCK SCVLE sunglasses that were in my purse when I woke up. Couldn't remember for the life of me where they came from. But They were mine now. I vaguely remember some drunkard shoving them toward me sayin :
"Hold these down for me Kim, I'm too wasted." Score!

Couldn't take all the German estrogen anymore. went down to the shoreline to meet my partner in blog crime the Blog-father himself, REZA. My homie. He always knows how I'm feeling.

Damn, Holmes was BUMMED after dropping his camera in the water. Wet butt's can be distracting.

wound up smoking with some sweet Italian kids who had a sick zebra rug...

Then AAron and Dill came to scoop me and got like 4 tickets while waiting for me to come downstairs. Dang sorry bruh.

There's more to the story but those photos need to be un-earthed.