Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In high school I watched the young and once delicious Billy Idol EVEEEEERY F' ING DAY after school until the tape broke...
It was on an early 80's punk documentary,called D.O.A., that someone left at my house. Really effected my young teenage mind.
Wish I had the film on dvd. It was an important depiction of early punk culture in the UK, made up of a montage of obscure interviews and concert footage of some of punk rock's earliest bands. With live performances by the Sex Pistols, The Dead Boys, Generation X, The Rich Kids, the X-Ray Spex, Sham 69, The Clash, Iggy Pop, and Augustus Pablo.

Sid Vicious will always have my heart.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harold Hunter Day III

Jason and I went down to Manhattan Bridge Skatepark for Harold Hunter Day III . Ronald, Harold's brother, was there as well as a bunch of other faces I haven't seen in a while. So great to see everyone out sk8ting for Harold my brother from another mother. It was super great to see Harry Jumanji, he looks better than I've seen him ever look as long as I've known him. I am really proud of him right now. keep it up.
If you don't know Harry is a skateboard legend... Original O.G. New york skateboarder "110 %" with a sick ass hand style.

Nail 'em

-These were the killer nails that Alicia did for the " Flash dance" shoot with Angela Boatwright. I was so super excited to have my nails done in the half moon style. Alicia kills it with the nails.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The Kid America Adventure Hour ran on Manhattan Public Access for 3 years.

This was some Classic shit btw that was WAY ahead of it's time. I had the pleasure of working with many great friends, some still here and some gone too soon. Memories I wouldn't trade for all the world's gold. The cast included the likes of The great late Harold Hunter & Dash snow, also Aaron the Don, Kid America, Donald Eric, Leo Fitzpatrick, Rainah Hamner, and guest stars such as Mike Rapaport just to name a few.
If you haven't ever seen the show (and even if you have) I strongly urge you to Youtube an episode RIGHT NOW.... I promise you'll laugh yur ass off.

Adriana Lima X Givenchy

Maybe I'm a little late on this one... But yesterday, after shelling over $15 bucks for the new French Vogue, as I was very languorously going page by page I stopped at the new Givenchy campaign and exclaimed "I know this face!" after googling it to be sure- there it was : ADRIANA FOR GIVENCHY. I LOVE IT. Congrats to her for still being one of the most gorgeous girls in the biz ...and on her new baby that's on the way.

Friday, October 9, 2009


toyin ibidapo's blog: kim matulova
photos by Toyin ibidapo

Shout out To Toyin!!

Toyin is gifted photographer, who has an eye. She loves to shoot gorgeous boys, and pretty young things, but what's different about her photos is the how she captivates beauty in an unadulterated way. I had the good fortune of meeting her when I lived in London. She came over to the states, and we got to work together for JANE magazine. We shot these up in the hills somewhere in Cali (since I'm an east coast girl I have no clue where we were)
it was definitely one of the more fun shoots that I have been on. She's cool to work with and great to be around. I am so elated that Toyin and I have found each other again!
The greater world has yet to know of her incredible talents.

Tesla - The best kept secret

"Every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal state. It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear.

At his command, almost without effort on his part, old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being. He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, adjust its distance from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey along any path he might choose, through the depths of the universe. He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light; he could originate life in all its infinite forms. To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man’s grandest deed."

-Nikola Tesla

What a genius. That's why they shut him down.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Rest in peace to our dear lady Makala. She was the greatest of ALL dogs. I feel weird even calling her a dog... she was a person.
She lived a really amazing life, travelled to more countries than most people, and she had more friends than most people. we all loved her. She was and always will be part of us, my love goes out to Terry, Ruby, Tripoli, Matisse, Jake, and the collective Patterson family. I love you guys.

Makala... see you on the other side girl.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

La petite fetter...

David Lynch X Christian Louboutin = Torturous magic.