Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Honey

There's something to be said of dark luscious lipstick, especially when its on the deep shiny purple side. In High school my friends and I had a favorite color, "Black Honey" by Clinique. It came in a long skinny silver tube, that got shared around our little circle. Makeup was a new thing for us and Sara was the best at it's tricky application. Friday nights at the movies were our fun at the time , and just in case we happened to have a sighting of a certain group of skaters, ( B.T.dubs..we were called "The Psycho Bitches" ) it was important that we asses our attire for the evening, pre-game over the phone. Always finished with a spritz of Anais Anais and good layer of our trusted black Honey. That was all a fifteen yr. old needed , well, and like $10 to get into some trouble, like go in on a bottle of Alize or a dime of chocolate thai.
I came home one day feeling extra sassy with my pale skin and dark lips... Mother hardly approved. In fact she said I looked like a slut. LOL. Think I'll invest in another tube of that luscious glory my mom hated so much.

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Anonymous said...

awww nostalgia.... those were some good days. seems like it was all a dream. funny that now being called "phyco bitches" seems like such a rad compliment.