Thursday, September 24, 2009


Pia asked me this summer to do a shoot that she was orchestrating with photographer Angela Boatwright. The whole day was amazing, everyone who was involved was awesome. Harley vera-Newton, Rachel Chandler, Rachel Ballinger and myself were the models. All the clothes were drool worthy, Emlie Kareh from jalouse and french vogue styled the shoot. Stacie gave us rock star hair. Masha made us beautiful ( I always LOVE when she does my make up, She understands my face ) I loved shooting with Angela she's lots of fun and very relaxing to pose in front of , especially when you're wearing a super high cut micro thong bodysuit. lol. No time to be modest. Oh- and Alicia killed it with these crazy nails. I wore them for days afterwords, She's the best manicurist ever, She's even a favorite of model Miranda Kerr . Shout out to everyone else involved.
And extra thanx to miss Pia who organized such a dope shoot.



kimmy kimmy kimmy, still the sexiest girl i know. when r u coming to london ? xxx

E said...

omigod, these are amazing! I love the sort of 80s-meets-futuristic-dreamlike vibe. And you look bangin'!!

Anonymous said...

simply the best :)

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog

Poppy said...

Fantastic post, you look amazing, it looks like such a fun shoot.