Friday, October 9, 2009


toyin ibidapo's blog: kim matulova
photos by Toyin ibidapo

Shout out To Toyin!!

Toyin is gifted photographer, who has an eye. She loves to shoot gorgeous boys, and pretty young things, but what's different about her photos is the how she captivates beauty in an unadulterated way. I had the good fortune of meeting her when I lived in London. She came over to the states, and we got to work together for JANE magazine. We shot these up in the hills somewhere in Cali (since I'm an east coast girl I have no clue where we were)
it was definitely one of the more fun shoots that I have been on. She's cool to work with and great to be around. I am so elated that Toyin and I have found each other again!
The greater world has yet to know of her incredible talents.



kim you are sooooo sweet hahaha daniel and i often talk about you from time to time and wondered where the hell you went ! but alas together once more :0) hahaa xxxxx

misslikey said...

nice photos