Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raw Raps

It may be all the RAW food I've been nourishing myself with lately or just call me crazy. Go ahead. It's been said before....
But true indeed these guys got it down pat. If your not using your position to progress the human race you should crawl back into the cave you were born from and not come back 'till your soul wants to play nice. After seeing what these guys are doing for their community and the globe how could you ever take some one like puff diddy seriously... even nas. Just sayin Puffy never gave back like fact while him and his white cohorts enjoyed sipping ciroc on the Bridgehampton shores, he also stood idle and watched a very special small black community in the Hamptons become gentrified and displaced. With all that resource puffy could have helped... instead screwed over more artists, bought more cars, bought more property, built a bigger house, and never gave back. While property tax for the Real hardworking locals in the Hamptons goes up because of the influx of wealth and greed... descendants of freed slaves and migrant workers are loosing their properties in Bridgehampton. just sayin...

Take note and listen children. REAL POWER IS THE PEOPLE. Remember that.

Watch it to the end their footsteps should be followed.

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