Monday, June 21, 2010

DEAR GOD: The Roots

IF you aint know You better go ask somebody.....

The Roots - Dear God 2.0 from Deejay Vince RU on Vimeo.

The most heart chakra connected video in hip hop right now. FOR REAL. And I'm not just saying that because Jason Goldwatch The most talented director made it or because I have a fly cameo with one of my most revered Homies of all time Mr. Rickster Powell, But for real the first time I saw this video I cried because I felt the plight of man that it conveyed. The real everyday working man. The one who struggles to make his family right, the woman who loves and has none returned, The Children who raise themselves in the streets, So on and so forth. I love how Black Thought comes off in his part as the cab driver, good acting.... Forgot he had that part in Brooklyn Babylon. But mostly this video reminded me that he is one of my Favorite mc's. Possibly even top five.
Thanks for making such a beautiful video Jason, one that solidifies my belief in Hip Hop again.

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