Monday, July 26, 2010

Cali-forn-i-A pt. umm 3

..more from the grand epic Cali caper. It's like holy water for my soul every time I go out there. Great food ...Better people.
And I'm learning to navigate it's Giant suburb like qualities...
So many photos and adventures to tell... I'll get around to it at some point but here are a few quiet moments from the boardwalk to magic mountain.

The universe lined up and Jason ran into NeeeeNO! at the gas station

Jason had a shoot with the world famous EVIDENCE of Dilated Peoples @ magic mountain for a guerrilla style video they were making... lucky me got to tag along.

I wasn't much for roller coasters that day so after those two rode some nauseating ride 5 times in a row I was able to convince them on to the carousel with me... me they were having more fun than they'd ever admit to.

Jasons time is worth a Million a minute

BIG Pharma

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