Saturday, December 31, 2011


I Went M.I.A for a minute. Fell off the face.

since we last met :

I discovered who my friends for life are....

Recorded over 20 Freestyles

Went to Miami art Basel for 1st time

Learned to love life again.

Then; what's the point.

Learning the Blues I....

Met Lana del Ray ( aka lil miss America )

Styled for a Pusha T. video

Met Alec Wek.

Showed my Photography in Ricky Powell Group show @ MiLK Gallery

decided I don't need new friends. Love all the ones I have. And I know they love me.

learned to Hate again

Started a tumbler

started a twitter ( I don't know why)

Got a tattoo of the one and only

Woke from the dark into the light

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Liz Ferrin said...

Happy 2012! Miss your smiling face. Let's go off the grid somewhere again soon. xo